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Episode 18 - Clare English veteran of the BBC

A ramble of a conversation initially but it's always fun to speak to Clare. 

Inspiring to pick her brains on her career at the BBC, discuss big bureaucratic organisations and how she made her way in the world of media. Great also to learn about the life of one of her greatest career mentors and inspirations, Kenny Macintyre (19 July 1944 – 30 May 1999), a political journalist, famed for stopping Politian's in their tracks.


Episode 17 - Joe Foster co-founder of Reebok

Joe is a bit of a British legend and a good mentor for our mostly consulting start. A great find during the Global lockdown.

This episode we talk a bit about his career and the back story behind the book "Shoe Maker" which is available on hard and paper back in all good book stores.

We also talk about industry, the resilience and necessity of the sports sector, his run in with Tyson Fury, the improver mindset and a fair bit more.

Needless to say you can learn a lot about life from an 85 year old who built a sports company to out sell Nike in a 30 year period.


Episode 16 - Edgar and Peter Schein

We team up with Deborah Fleming a specialist in organisational development to interview the father and son team, Edgar and Peter Schein about their careers and their Humble Leadership book series. 

Edgar is a Professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management, and Peter is the cofounder and COO of the Organisational Culture and Leadership Institute.


Episode 15 - Prof Jonathan Wilson

We discuss growing up, branding, being a professor, sport (mainly rugby - tune into episode 14 with Christopher Ewing for football), careers, racism, personal brand and self-promotion, attracting opportunities, family life, working from home, the inspiration from a good gran, London, Manchester and Scottish life, culture, music and various other random things too.

Christmas episode so we rumbled on a bit longer. Mainly as we digressed. It's what happens when two oor Wullie and Desperate Dan fan's get together...


Episode 14 - Christopher Ewing

James talks to Christopher Ewing, CEO of Caledonia Braves, about football and France.


Episode 13 - Gary MacLean

James talks to Gary MacLean, the first National Chef of Scotland, and previous "MasterChef: The Professionals" winner.


Episode 12 - Claire Nelson

James talks to Netball Scotland CEO - Mostly's first client - about her career, feminism, netball, and life in 2020.


Episode 11 - Pim de Morree

This week, we have a Rebel on the show. Pim de Morree is one half of the Corporate Rebels and he talks to James about his bucket list, the Corporate Rebels book, lifehacking the CEO of BP, business culture and (of course) lockdown.


Episode 10 - Tima Elhajj

James talks to yet another Antipodean guest, the super-successful Tima Ehajj. The chat covers social media, personal branding, entrepreneurship and being a busy parent while trying to run a successful business. Hope you enjoy!


Episode 9 - Michael Phair

James speaks to Michael Phair, Operations Director at recruitment company Be-IT. Michael has a wealth of experience and it was great to talk with him. We chatted lockdown (it's a favourite topic, for some reason) and spent a lot of time on a shared passion: running.

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